Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness... give me TRUTH.

3 de julio de 2013


T- Can I sit with you? I won't talk.
F- Of course.
T- I get in trouble for talking, but I don't talk much. Did you have any friends at school?
F- You can talk to me. 
T- I have make-believe friends, sometimes.
F- There's nothing wrong with that. Many children do. I know I did.
T- What was his name?
F- I'm not sure he had a name. Do yours have names?
T- You're still lonely, aren't you? I can tell. With the boys at school, too. I can tell. You had a real friend once and you don't anymore. Did you loved him or something?
F- Yes, I loved him. He was a very kind man, a very good man. But I was... I did something very silly and very cruel. I think I was frightened of losing him, I loved him so much. He was in the war.
T- What did you do?
F- I wrote to him and I told him I couldn't marry him and I didn't love him anymore.
T- What did he say?
F- He died. Not long after he got the letter.
T- But you do loved him. That's why you wan't him back.