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28 de julio de 2014


-My lawyer gave her the papers and marked the places that needed to be signed and she looked at me like she always does in this kind of situations...melancholically, and then she thought about the divorce, touched her lips with the expensive pen I bought for her last year and then she just...signed the papers and that was all.

- So... you still loved each other back then?

- I think she always find it hard to let the past things go. I'm not saying there wasn't love between us...I'm just saying that in that moment she realized that I had become part of the past.

- I understand...so, why didn't you became friends?

- Because she was the love of my life and then she wasn't anymore. I think... mostly because we grew apart. In some way we are friends. We loved each other like crazy and someday we realized something was missing and we agreed to separate in good terms and then we let the other one be. I think that is friendship.

- The last question...what do you miss the most?

- I miss her as an all... but I like to miss it, if that makes any sense.

- It does, thank you. 

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