Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness... give me TRUTH.

28 de julio de 2014


- What do you wanted to do back then?

- I wanted to take everything from him, leave him bankrupt and then take a bath in my Jacuzzi, drink champagne and laugh about it.

-Did you achieve that desire?

- Mostly I did, yes, except for the part where I started drinking whisky instead of champagne. I think I needed to fill the emptiness the divorce had left me. I know that’s the cliché of separation but it is also a very real issue.

- And was whisky working good?

- For a couple of months it did but after it all became a much bigger problem I ended up at AA talking about my ex-husband dropping all his dirty clothes all over the floor while he was actually banging his much younger girlfriend.


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